Original equipment manufacturing


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ECOMEDIS Medizintechnik GmbH has distinguished itself with its high flexibility when turning customer wishes into reality. Skilled, on-time development, approval and production set-up ensure the fastest “time to market”. We offer you the following services:

Application areas

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Original Equipment Manufacturing


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Die ECOMEDIS medizintechnik gmbh zeichnet sich durch eine hohe Flexibilität bei der Umsetzung von Kundenwünschen aus. Kompetente, zeitnahe Durchführung von Entwicklung, Zulassung und Produktionsaufbau sichern schnellstmögliches „time-to-market“. Wir bieten ihnen nachfolgende Dienstleistungen an:

Our range of services

What we do, we do with precision, reliability and always with an eye on your satisfaction

In principle, Ecomedis has the capacity to develop catheters for every medical application area. This includes catheters for cardiology, gynecology. Amongst others, we have developed a catheter that enables cultured cell cartilage to be implanted extremely precisely.


Customer projects, OEM manufacturing. Quality and regulatory affairs. We rely on state-of-the-art technology, virtual con-struction models and model-making during development. Our quality management supports you in creating the necessary documentation and the authorization of the products. This is the way we create innovative medical products together with our customers.



Ecomedis’ core business is the development and production of catheters for a range of medical applications. Whether single-use catheters or permanent catheters, our products are manufactured using the latest means in the highest quality with manufac-turing technology that always corresponds to the state of the art.

Set manufacturing

Tailor-made solutions are also a part of our product portfolio. Please get in touch with us regarding your personal set.



Sterilization using the material-compatible ethylene oxide procedure. Validation, control and approval of the sterilization process in accordance with ISO 11135 in cooperation with accredited testing laboratories.


We use various validated packaging formats and types of packaging. We are therefore able to fulfil customer requests and process special packaging for our products and third-party products.


Optimized for dispatch. Whether cost-sensitive or protective. We make sure that everything arrives the way it is supposed to.


With the most modern means for
the perfect product

The heart of the production is a 200 m2 class C clean room. It meets the latest requirements as well as European and American (GMP and US FED compliant) guidelines. This enables Ecomedis to serve inquiries in expanding foreign markets. At the same time, replacement and new investments in the area of injection molding and precision machine technology ensured that customer requirements can be met at any time with a production technology that is always up to date.


DIN EN ISO 13485 Qualitätsmanagement

certified for the development, manufacture and sale of single-use medical products.

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DIN EN ISO 13485 Qualitäts-

für die Entwicklung, Herstellung und den Vertrieb von medizinischen Einmalprodukten zertifiziert.

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